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Chicago, Illinois – July 2024NS ARC, the largest dedicated women-owned welding wire brand in the U.S., and CLOOS North America, a pioneer in robotic welding technology with over 100 years in the industry, proudly announce their strategic alliance today.

The partnership will integrate NS ARC welding wire into CLOOS robotic solutions, enabling both companies to reach new markets and better serve customers in automation and weld quality. “NS ARC and CLOOS share a common vision of prioritizing the customer,” said Chris Pruett, product manager at NS ARC. “Our collaboration allows us to better understand and meet customer needs, demonstrating the value of this partnership and the benefits we bring to the market.”

This strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise and innovation, providing CLOOS with access to world-class welding materials and NS ARC with access to top-tier robotic welding automation solutions. Doug Zoller, President of CLOOS North America, stated that having NS ARC as their filler metal partner is an indispensable benefit to CLOOS since welding wire experts are now within arm’s reach—allowing both companies to provide expert consultation and a comprehensive solution to customers.

“Now we’ve got that expertise standing right next to us that is supporting what we’re trying to do with the customer and vice versa,” he said. “When NS ARC is talking with customers, they know they’ve got CLOOS sitting behind them saying, ‘how we can help with that customer problem.’ It goes both ways, and that’s the exciting part—it’s only positive!”

This partnership, according to Mike Monnin, Director of Sales at CLOOS North America, will expand capabilities for both companies, setting a new standard for the rest of the industry. Together, they’ll explore ways to improve the welding experience, such as extending the lifespan of contact tips and experimenting with different chemistries to enhance welding quality.

“It’s an exciting future, and we’re really looking forward to what this partnership will achieve,” said Monnin. “It’ll be unparalleled within our industry to have two of the top companies in each of their respective technologies cooperating to raise the bar for our customers.”

For more information about NS ARC, please visit To learn more about CLOOS North America, please visit

About NS ARC: NS ARC is the largest dedicated women-owned welding wire brand in the U.S. and is known for its exceptional welding wire products that deliver unparalleled quality to several industries across the globe. With more than 100 years of experience in shaping the wire industry, NS ARC is at the forefront of innovative welding solutions and redefines the welding wire industry.

About CLOOS North America.: CLOOS North America is the North American subsidiary of CLOOS Group, a global leader in welding technology since 1919. Founded in 1985, CLOOS North America offers customer-specific, turnkey welding and welding automation solutions for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Renowned for their commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, CLOOS remains at the forefront of the welding industry.


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